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Networking Mode of Switch Industrial POE
Networking Mode of Switch Industrial POE

Networking Mode of Switch Industrial POE Industrial Ethernet switches POE are specifically designed to meet the needs of flexible industrial applications, Ruijie Network solutions providing a cost-effective industrial Ethernet communications solution. And its networking mode focuses more on loop design. There are single-ring and multi-ring differences in the loop.

There are also private loop protocols designed by various vendors based on STP and RSTP, such as RingOn, RingOpen open loop, FRP ring, and turbo ring. The development of hubs has resulted in a device called unmanaged switch. It enables routing of messages from one port to another, making them more intelligent than hubs. Unmanaged switches can automatically detect the network speed of each network device. In addition, it has a function called "MAC address table", which can recognize and memorize the devices in the network. 

In other words, if port 2 receives a message with a specific identification code, then the switch will send all messages with that particular identification code to port 2. This intelligence avoids message collisions and improves transmission performance, which is a great improvement compared with the hubs. However, unmanaged switches cannot implement any form of communication detection and redundancy configuration. The next generation of Ethernet connected devices is the managed switch. Managed switches have more and more complex functions than hubs and unmanaged switches, and they are much more expensive—typically three to four times as large as an unmanaged switch.